Should You Cash Out or Let Your Bet Run?

Now that many online bookmakers offer cash out to their customers, punters have more choice. They also have an extra predicament. Should you cash out your bets or let them run their full course?

Much depends on your mindset. If you’re a nervous gambler you may prefer to back out of the bet early once you’re in profit. If you’re a high roller, you may scoff at the reduced returns that cash out can provide.

But which approach yields the best results overall?

This depends where you bet. Your cash out value depends on the odds that the bookie is offering in-play. So the more generous your bookie is for in-play odds, the better value you can get when you cash out. One thing you can guarantee is that the bookie is making a margin on all their prices. So if you cash out, you’re essentially giving them extra profit – the overround when you first place your bet, and another one when you cash it in.

That means that to make this feature pay, you need some way of calculating value in the in-play odds. That obviously is not going to be easy. You will absolutely need to be watching the game in order to determine value, and have a good knowledge of how the prices reflect the current state of play.

Our advice then is that you should be wary of using cash out unless you are confident that you can read the in-play situation better than the odds compiler. This is not impossible – remember the odds compiler has many games to set prices for, you need to monitor only one. But unless you can beat them long term, your cash out simply hands the bookie an extra profit margin at your expense.

Euro 2016 Betting Odds at Chiapas

As the Euro 2016 tournament nears the climax of the group stages, Chiapas Peace House is pleased to announce some stunning betting offers for the England and Wales matches today.

We have an offer for new customers which is 8/1 England to win to nil. If you prefer to bet on the Wales match we can also offer under 2.5 goals at 4/1. Both offers are available to in store customers and also telephone betting customers. Please contact your phone broker for more details.

Both of these bets were tipped today by Michael Owen in the Independent newspaper and so both of these are bound to be very popular bets. We are confident that our odds cannot be beaten by any other Mexican sportsbook!

News reports today suggest that England intend to start with Jamie Vardy up front after his goal against Wales in the last game. Vardy could be one of up to 6 changes for England as Hodgson looks to rotate his squad and give other players a game ahead of the knockout stages.

The Wales line up is expected to be very similar to their last game.

Good luck if you are betting on the game. You can compare the other Euro 2016 offers to our prices above and we are confident that you will see that we are offering the most competitive new customer deals to our clients!

Betting College Basketball

College Basketball Invitational logo

College Basketball Invitational logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When betting College Basketball, bettors tend to favor the big named teams very highly. Teams such as Arizona, North Carolina, Duke and Arizona usually get plenty of betting action. There are also schools, bettors hardly ever hear of and are basically unrecognizable, that are great teams to bet on depending on who they are up against. The valued bet in the college games goes right across the board, whether it is the well-known or the not so well-known teams.

As with a lot of college games there are plenty of games played throughout the season and you can easily find ten or so games being played on a given day. Not to mention on a college basketball weekend you can have over 70 games at your disposal to bet on.

With such high number of games it makes it virtually impossible for the bookmakers to remain accurate on all of them when providing the odds to the betting public. Mistakes and soft lines will be a plenty and those two combinations are a bettor’s best friend.

The schedules of the various teams are one you must analyze very carefully. A team can be mistaken for one that may give up a lot of points but that could be simply based on their tough schedule and when matched up on against an average team the points spread given to them is much more than it should be. Those are the kind of information you will be looking for to determine value in bets.

It will take some searching but you will easily find indicators that will help you to make your decision. If betting was just about the games being handed to you on a platter, everyone would be successful. The truth is, some forms of betting can be quite lucrative but will take research, time, determination and hard work to reap the rewards.

The wins and losses of a team and their ability to cover the spread have to be determined from the numbers. Besides the schedule being the all important factor for the college game, generally how well a team rebounds, field goal percentages and so forth can all be indicators that highlight when you have an advantage over the bookies.

Betting college basketball does not come down to whether you can recognize the teams or know the different conferences. It’s finding the value in the odds and to realize where the bookmakers have slipped up. The big name teams will have much sharper lines and the very least known teams having the softest lines.

I tend to cut down the number of games or teams to analyze from the schedules. So big name teams with a weak schedule and lesser name teams with tough schedules are the ones I like to go for from season to season. This helps to focus on a handful of teams from weak to weak and allows you not to overburden yourself if you are not so use to the research aspect of betting. Ultimately the better researcher you can be is the better bettor you will be at college basketball.

Poker Bonus Hunting

Even the poorest poker players can benefit from playing online poker. There is a method known as bonus hunting that can be of benefit to just about any poker player. Bonus hunting aims to provide an avenue where the edge that is given to the house is shifted towards the player. Money is made from the house from their new player promotions rather than playing against fellow poker players.

Many online poker sites offer bonuses to new players knowingly at a loss just to attract new players. They will keep doing this because only a few players take advantage of the opportunity. If you can take advantage of this at multiple sites, you will earn yourself some nice extra cash by the end of the month.

The first step is to find some establish poker sites online that will offer a substantial initial bonus. Better still, those that offer a no-deposit bonus first and then a large bonus on your first deposit are ideal. Rather than spend time searching yourself, just go to a betting offers website such as and use it to compare the best offers on the market.

Look for the highest bonuses on offer – anywhere from 50% to 200% is very good. Once you have done this you must find out the requirements to clear the bonus. These requirements will vary from site to site, so do not take for granted that what you did at one site is the same for another. It is also imperative that you ensure that the bonus is offered to your region before signing up. Some of the biggest names offer attractive bonuses but they are no use if you can’t get them where you live

I have actually signed up and deposited money, only to realize that the bonus is not offered in my country. Save yourself the possible trouble and read the various terms and conditions for each site. An informed bettor will always be the best bettor.

Many of these sites will try to trick you and offer very enticing bonuses that quite honestly can be very hard to achieve. Some may require you to turn over your bankroll a number of times before the bonus can be claimed. When it comes to poker you must ensure that the bonus will give you an estimated $5 per hour. For example, a $25 bonus is offered and the requirements to clear the bonus are 125 raked hands. If you play 40 raked hands per hour it will take about three hours to clear the bonus. This means that $25/3 hours will work out to about $8 per hour, which is not bad; remember the minimum is $5 per hour.

After being satisfied with the all of the requirements you can make the deposit and play the required hands to achieve your bonus. For the player who has absolutely no clue about poker, there is no need to worry. The truth is, bonus hunting has nothing to do with playing poker.

As a novice you can play as few hands as possible, only doing so when you have huge cards (Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces), for the rest of the game you simply wait until you have these cards and then you play again. In order to ensure that you get to claim your bonus and not lose your money, you should play very tightly and as infrequently as possible. Yes it will help to have some knowledge of the game but don’t be deterred by the fact that you can’t.

Once you have cleared your bonus leave the game claim your bonus and move on to the next poker site.

An Introduction To Basketball Betting


Basketball (Photo credit: mvongrue)

The new basketball season is upon us and it could not come at a better time as the MLB season winds up and the bookies sharpening on the NFL lines. The new basketball season provides many uncertainties that come with a new season and these can be taken advantage of in the first couple of games that teams play.

Basketball is just as easy to bet on as the popular NFL. Basically it’s the same fundamentals as the NFL, so you have nothing to worry about if you have never bet on basketball before. The more popular bets are the money line, over/under and points spread. The points spread involves a handicap given to the underdogs of the matchup, which is the team expected to lose and the team expected to win (favorite) will have to overcome this handicap in order to win.

The aim is to balance the matchup and as bettors our aim is to find where there is a disadvantage given to a team based on the handicap and make that bet. The over/under is a predetermined number of points that when the points of both teams combined will either fall under or go over that total.

The money line option allows for a bet to be placed on the team we think will be the outright winner of the game. It takes no handicaps or any other variations into consideration. While this may seem easier in comparison to the points spread, the tradeoff is that this options will tend to carry less odds and hence a smaller payout.

If you plan to place a bet on the favorite, you must expect to pay more and will win less. If you choose the underdogs, it is only necessary to lay a small amount to win more. Depending on your comfort zone with the sport you can attempt some parlay bets. I would not advise first time bettors to use this option.

Parlay betting will allow you to bet on a multiple matchups on one ticket. This is high risk betting but with risk comes high rewards and the payouts can be quite huge. The more games you bet on, the more rewarding the payout. Unfortunately, if one of the basketball games on your ticket is a loss and the others win, the whole ticket is seen as a loss. You don’t need to bet a lot on this option as the odds will do the work for you.

These betting options if used correctly can ensure your bankroll keeps ticking over. It will depend on lineups and how the two teams matchup week in – week out in deciding which one of the bets to make. A little personal knowledge of the sport will help but for others there is always the option of doing money value bets.

Basketball is one sport that I like to do my research, analyze the numbers and make my personal pick and I do admit going with the old gut feeling at times.

Betting on basketball is very easy to catch on to. Start with the money line, then points spread and thereafter totals. A specific game, it may be better to go with one option and for another game a different betting option may be of better value; so it would be best to get comfortable with all three options. When you get the hang of things then parlay betting can always be considered.

Sports Arbitrage Is Worth Considering

Sports Arbitrage is highly regarded as one of the easiest ways to guarantee profits through sports betting. The difference in odds of a given outcome across various bookmakers is what is called sports arbitrage. It is a consistent way to ensure profit regardless of how the actual game turns out, your bankroll will increase.

Sports Arbitrage is not for those who are looking for huge gains immediately. This method is slow and will have ups and downs but overall it will always even out and ensure you have a little change at the end of it all.

Gambling odds reflect the average bettor's 'de...

Gambling odds reflect the average bettor’s ‘degree of belief’ in the outcome. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Major bookmakers often have different opinions on the likely outcome of a sporting matchup. This difference of opinion on who should be favoured and by how much is expressed by their betting odds and this will allow you to take full advantage. This best time to arbitrage bet is when the odds are just released and moments before a game.

The fact of the matter is that not all bookmakers are efficient and it is this inefficiency you are capitalizing on. Before they can adjust their odds to reflect a huge injury something that may affect the outcome, you would have already had your bet placed at the higher odds and protected against a loss. They are systems out there that can highlight valued odds and I have used this to reap huge rewards.

You must have a real desire for sports betting to partake and it is advisable that if you are only casual about it, not to invest your time or money into it. The more capital you have, the greater number of arbitrage bets you can make but this doesn’t mean the profit percentage will be higher if you have a larger capital as this will depend on the yield rate of the games that you are getting from your chosen system to identify valued odds to bet on.

The internet has allowed sports arbitrage to be a lot more accessible but it is by no means taken advantage of by a huge number of persons.

Sports arbitrage does not require special knowledge or training to be successful and when I started I had no clue as to how to go about it. The hardest thing for me was to trust the system as certain games that the system gives you, as a bettor you would never make. This is where I am reminded that it doesn’t matter the game, once both bets allow you to earn no matter the outcome that is what it all comes down to.

I must emphasize once more that sports arbitrage is quite easy but it is not a get rich quick scheme. You cannot expect to become a millionaire overnight. Your long term success in arbitrage depends on the amount of time you invest in learning the fundamentals for conducting trades.

In order to be successful at arbitrage betting it will take determination and commitment. It is certainly not a waste of time and you will quickly realise for yourself it is a genuine way to make extra money.

Spread Betting Systems

Many persons turn to Spread Betting Systems after experiencing great losses when betting and don’t have the confidence in spread betting systems to be successful for them to make profits. In otherwise more often than not bettors turn to such systems after getting desperate. Any system is always worth looking at once it can be verified that previous bettors have used this system to make profits.

One such system is a NBA system used in spread betting. This system has helped me make profits for the last two seasons and I will now like to share it with you also.

If you are thinking about spread trading, you should ALWAYS seek to attempt to understand a few spread betting trading systems that will help you improve your chances to be successful. In fact any practical spread betting system that is well researched, planned and tested will work.

Many persons after just starting spread trading turn towards spread betting trading systems. It is not advisable to place spread bets on the basis of feelings or an article you read, or even following a financial review. You need to have your own system that is adapted to your likes and displeasures, your toleration of risk and your trading style.

Let me first highlight that the system should not be used under these circumstances:

  • A team playing the last match of a back to back match or worse three consecutive games. Only use the system if it the 1st match of such instances.
  • The team does not have an injured starter going into the match
  • The difference of the spreads would not be less than 10

The system requires that twenty games are played in the NBA season before it can be used. The system will not be successful at the start of a season. After each team has played twenty games, calculate each team’s winning percentage. This is the beginning of the process to highlight which games are of value to bet on.

If the Miami Heats are playing Atlanta Hawks and their winning percentages work out to be .800 and .300 respectively, the difference of both teams winning percentages will be 500. This number is now divided by twenty (20) and you will get 25. This is to say the Hawks are 25 points underdogs. If the team is at home 3 points would be subtracted and if they were away 3 points are added.

The next step is identifying the actual spread being offered. If there is a difference of 10 or more between the actual spread and the calculated spread, the game is worth betting on. Returning to the example where the Hawks are away to the Heats. Remember the Hawks are 28 points underdogs based on our calculations and let us say they were given an 11 points spread in reality. This would give a difference of 17 making a solid game to bet on the Hawks.

I can personally attest to using this Spread Betting system to great effectiveness and made profits when betting on basketball. If you are indeed looking for a Spread Betting system to turn your luck around, you can definitely use it.

Is This The Best Roulette Betting System to Earn Consistent Profits?

Wheel of fortune. Shot wide open using 50mm/f1...

Wheel of fortune. Shot wide open using 50mm/f1.4 @ISO2800 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started playing Roulette at a local casino approximately two years ago and to this date I still go to have fun and most importantly make money. It is so easy to get caught up in the moment and lose control of your money. Before you know it, you are walking through the door with your pockets empty and your head in the ground.

The number one rule when gambling is to have control of your bankroll at all times. Your bankroll is the money available that you have stated you are going to make all bets with. You will never control the numbers being played, the annoying player who sit across from you who thinks he knows it all or the attractive female who walks by.

What you have total control of is the way you spend your money. Once you are able to stay in control of your bankroll in an effective manner, you will walk out of casinos with your pockets full and your head held high.

Firstly, if you have the option of choosing between American roulette and European roulette, ALWAYS choose European Roulette. European Roulette does not have the “00” as compared to American Roulette therefore shifting the edge in your favor and away from the house.

The best roulette betting system is to stick to wagers that payout even money. These include BLACK/RED, EVEN/ODD and 1-18 (Low)/19-36 (HIGH). All three options provide you with the opportunity of doubling your money in one go. When using this system, begin betting at the table minimum. Keep betting the table minimums until you lose, where then, you will double up on your bet until you win. When you do win, it will give you a profit equivalent to the original bet you made. For example:


The disadvantage with the system is when, for example, streaks of ODD start to happen when you are placing your bets on EVEN. DO NOT attempt to change your bet after seeing a streak is occurring. You have to remember that the wheel has no memory database to remember what it played previously.

The only time I suggest changing the type of bet is when you have started betting with your original amount. You may start of placing EVEN bets but then want to change to RED, ONLY do so after a win. Streak of losses will happen but don’t let that get you down. The streak can be working in your favor. It is believed streaks occur once in every 120 spins, so bare that in mind when betting.

Many will sweep away such a roulette system as it takes patience and doesn’t break the bank so to speak. Only if you are serious about having fun, making profits and staying in control of your bankroll should you use this system. Remember roulette is a game of chances and pure luck, if you are looking for a system or skills to break the bank, I can assure you it’s not out there. I have tried them all.

Enjoy Your Cycling Experience

Cycling Oxford

Cycling Oxford (Photo credit: tejvanphotos)

Many people would agree that the bicycle was a great invention. It has enjoyed lasting popularity because it is fun, has provided a great source of transport at the same time as giving exercise to the rider. Taking part in a physical activity at speed also helps to relax the tired mind.

Whether you cycle for health, pleasure, as a racing sport or just a pleasant way to get around here are a few ways to ensure that you enjoy your cycling experience.

Cycling is great way to ensure you have a healthy heart. Cycling for just thirty minutes a day could reduce by 50% your risk of chronic heart disease; however you will need to put some effort into your cycling to achieve this result. It is important, however, that you start slowly and build up and as you get stronger, tackle a few more hills as well as long distance peddling. Putting in enough effort to break into a sweat now and then will be very beneficial to your heart and lungs.

Cycling beyond your comfort level will also help to clear your head. Your energy becomes focused on the effort you are making and the problems of the day will fade away. In the long term your level of stress will begin to reduce.

Cycling has very little negative impact on your body so it is a great sport. However, because your body is put into one position for a long period you need to take some precaution to avoid ongoing problems. It is important that you have the seat and handlebars adjusted professionally so that their position is correct for your body. This will help to support your neck, back, hands and shoulders and so prevent long term problems.

Simple stretching exercises before and after you ride will help your body to stay relaxed and comfortable. If you are going to ride for long periods, take a short break now and then to let your body stretch and relax into different positions.

To get the most fun and enjoyment from riding, it is good to share the experience with a friend who is like minded and enjoys cycling too.

It is important also that you learn to clean and maintain your bike. This gives you a better knowledge of how your bike works and helps you feel more comfortable with it.

The Art of Boxing

English: Ricardo Dominguez (left) rallied late...

English: Ricardo Dominguez (left) rallied late to win a decision over Oregon’s Rafael Ortiz in the night’s toughest fight. Español: Los boxeadores Ricardo Dominguez (izquierda) y Rafael Ortiz (derecha). Français : Ricardo Dominguez (à gauche) combattant face à Rafael Ortiz (à droite) durant le combat le plus long de la nuit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Athletes who take part in the art of boxing will realise that it is a very complex sport that needs a scientific approach when training. Most boxers use a traditional training regime, but modern thinking reveals that the regime has room for great improvement.

Circuit training is the first thing that could be improved.

Many trainers feel that circuits should mimic the actual fight time which is normally a round of two minutes with a one minute rest period. This could be achieved by repeated sets of thirty second exercises to make up two minutes. Follow this with a rest period of one minute, and then repeat the whole process 4 or 5 times. This will form intense exercise for two minutes sessions and so would make much more sense.

Many boxers see shadow boxing in front as a mirror as an important part of their training. Unfortunately, when doing this, a boxer tends to watch himself and consequently lacks movement; a bad habit to have when you are in the ring. Many believe that shadow boxing should take place in the ring with no mirrors in sight; this encourages boxers to use the space more freely.

Boxers and trainers alike seem to shun weight training because they think a fighter will become muscle bound and have less mobility. However, researchers have discovered that a specifically designed programme of weight training can improve the range of movement as well as power and speed. Weight training improves endurance and strength which are valuable assets on fight night.

Plyometrics which consists of hopping and jumping exercises helps to develop quick and explosive reaction. If a boxer wishes to gain maximum speed and power then this is the kind of training he needs. It is the type of training that focuses on quality rather than quantity and should be part of the training routine at least twice a week.

Skill training is a vital part of a training programme, because tip top fitness is of little value if a boxer has no skill. Shadow boxing performed in the ring is important, especially if it is performed at the end of a training session so that the boxer gets used to performing whilst suffering from fatigue.

This should be done through training up to two days before a fight; then the boxer should have complete rest the day before the fight is planned.
After sparring a boxer commonly takes off his gloves and makes for the shower, but actually, this is not a good thing to do. He needs to learn to fight through fatigue so instead of the shower he should throw punches at the bag constantly moving left and right.